Hey Lauren and Mike!

Super excited for your engagement shoot! I've put together this page to help us plan towards it. Please look through and let me know if you have any questions! At the end of the page you'll find a FAQ sections with some helpful tips!

Engagement Shoot Details

MAY 29th, 5:00pm TO 7:00pm

Hello! Your engagement shoot location is currently TBD! Please check out the location links below and let me know what you're thinking!

If you need to reschedule your engagement shoot please let me know!

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Let's start with this! Loving your outfit and the way you feel in it plays a HUGE role in your engagement shoot. Choose something you can freely move in, so you're not worried about things falling a part!


If your location is formal, your outfit should reflect something more dressy. If your location is less formal, I would go for something simple. i.e. photos outdoors at a park? I would wear a jeans outfit/casual dress.


Use the color palette of your location as inspiration!

i.e. Ivory, cream, black, and gray photographs well against modern buildings, city scapes. Earthy tones like olive green, rust, cream, ivory, soft blues and brown are perfect for natural scenery. Avoid very bright colors, neon colors or harsh patterns. Look into coordinating outfits and color schemes, but avoid matching.


Compliment your outfits, but don't match! If you're wanting to add some patterns, if one person is wearing a floral print or plaid pattern, the other should be in a solid color. This will avoid any clashing.


I usually plan around 90mins for engagement shoots, which gives us lots of time for two locations and two outfits! For your two outfits, I would recommend planning for a formal outfit and a casual one. We'll mix it up about halfway through your session.


How Soon will we get our photos?

Turn around time for engagement photos is three weeks! Sneak peek images will be sent out 48 hours after your session!

should we choose 2 locations?

If you are planning on two outfits for your engagement shoot, I would encourage choosing two locations as well for variety! Don't feel pressured to go with two locations or even two outfits! If you're wanting to stick with one, that is more than okay!

How Soon should we send our save the dates?

If you are planning on sending out save the date cards with your engagement photo included - plan to send them out at least 8 months prior to your wedding date. I would recommend sending your wedding invitations at around the 3 to 4 month mark!

What happens after our engagement shoot?

Six months prior to your wedding day we'll meet virtually to build your wedding day timeline. Then, one month before your wedding we'll meet in person to discuss your final timeline, smaller details, and other arrangements. You can click the link below to schedule your timeline meeting!